All courses are based on the teachings I have gained directly from Source and through my experience with working with energy and the Souls potential. My passion is to help create conscious awareness, through self -inquiry, expression, meditation and deep connected insight.



Transitions 6-Week Course Created to empower you to make great choices and decisions when everything is changing. We will explore the things that keep you stuck, unravel the ties that bind and rediscover new ways of being in the world without fear. Every session we will revise our new findings and tap into your own innate wisdom creating the best outcomes to the most challenging of situations. This course provides powerful direction and guidance for major life, relationship and business changes.

Strategies for Conscious Living

6-Week Course

This program is suited to those who have a spiritual understanding and have made good progress on their own, but now feel that some expert guidance would help them move to the next level. This program is unique to the individual and provides practical strategies moving them towards a more expansive existence and a deeper understanding of themselves as the creators of their realities. This is a very gentle but profound re-discovery of what has been there all along. There is no special requirement to join this course, just willingness and openness.

Self Mastery

10-Week Mentoring

The Self Mastery program is most suited to people who are ready for the next step; that of moving away from commonly accepted thinking into a much more expansive view of Life - one that will shift one's entire paradigm to a new level. It is important to emphasize that this transformation can only occur through direct experience. It is of little use to read about it, talk about it or even have a thorough intellectual understanding of it. Only sincere practice yields results. For this reason, much of the detailed instruction I offer takes place in a meditative state, when the mind is in an alpha pattern. This enhances perception, understanding and integration.